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Rechsteiner Construction Ltd.

is a full service General Contractor and Construction Manager.


To ensure that your project is executed successfully, we believe it is important that appropriate procedures are followed from day one. This will ensure that every detail is accounted for and helps to lay a foundation of mutual trust and respect between our clients and our company. In order to achieve these goals, we adhere to the following regardless of a project’s size or scope:

Stage 1 – Project Initiation

At this stage we meet with our clients discuss their goals and vision. An initial feasibility analysis, consultation and full project overview is provided. From here, the process typically follows one of two paths:

  • If the client already has a design and tender package developed by a consultant, we can provide an estimate based off that on the presented scope.
  • If the client has no design or tender package, depending on the size and scope of the project we will provide a price to initiate the design stage with our own consultants.

Stage 2 – Design

The design stage includes the following:

  • Local building codes and bylaws are reviewed.
  • A full set of drawings are developed.
  • Specifications are finalized.
  • The use of value engineering is implemented.
  • If the client already has this in place, we can bypass this stage and proceed to the estimate stage.

Stage 3 – Estimate

The following is included in the estimating stage:

  • A full construction estimate is developed based on the contemplated drawings and specifications.
  • After the initial estimate is submitted, refinements can be made in order to ensure the scope can be achieved on budget.

Stage 4 – Pre-Construction

This is the last stage before construction, where the following items take place:

  • Permit applications are submitted.
  • Contracts are executed.
  • Major sub-contracts are awarded.
  • Long-lead time items are procured and ordered.

Stage 5 – Construction

The construction stage commences with the following:

  • The construction process commences as agreed in the contract scope of work.
  • A regular communication plan is developed involving all key project stakeholders.
  • Meetings are scheduled regularly with the client to review the construction process, project schedule, budget and any changes to the original scope of work.
  • This stage runs until substantial completion of the project.

Stage 6 -Post Construction

This is the final stage of the process. Once construction is substantially complete, the following items take place:

  • All project documentation is submitted.
  • All warranties and manuals are provided.
  • A walk-through is conducted with the owner to ensure the end user understands how to operate the new systems.
  • The systems are monitored to ensure that everything is operating as intended.
  • Maintenance is provided if desired.

Rechsteiner Construction Ltd. is a full service General Contractor and Construction Manager with over 15 years of industry experience, specializing in advancing projects from pre-construction through to substantial completion. We pride ourselves on high-quality work, attention to detail, and meticulous planning.

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