Drake Street

About This Project

Introducing our custom-built Vancouver condo renovation, where innovative design meets practical living. This home is a masterpiece of space maximization, tailored for those who appreciate both form and function. The open-plan layout flows seamlessly from one area to another, creating a sense of expansiveness and fluidity. Cleverly designed multi-functional furniture and built-in storage solutions ensure that every inch is utilized efficiently, maintaining a clutter-free and stylish environment.

Minimalistic yet warm, the interior features a neutral color palette with bold accents, enhancing the sense of space while adding character.

This Vancouver condo renovation is not just a dwelling; it's a carefully orchestrated space that embraces simplicity, innovation, and elegance, perfect for the contemporary family seeking a balance of comfort and style in their everyday living.

Designer: My Design Agent
Photos: Kim Muise Photography


Project Year: 2023
Project Budget: $200,000 - $500,000
Location: Vancouver, BC
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