Why Rechsteiner Construction

We’re General Contractors that specialize in custom homes and upscale renovations For us, construction is more than just a craft, but a passion. We have assembled a team of dedicated professionals that’s committed to excellence in design and construction.

At Rechsteiner Construction, we specialize in working with Vancouver’s Architectural and Interior Design community to execute their vision, from plan to reality. When we build, it’s all about the details!

<h2>Why Rechsteiner Construction</h2>

Your Home is
Your Reflection

Custom Homes

Your home is your special space. A custom home means you’ll have the space you’ve always dreamed of.

<h2>Custom Homes</h2>

Just For You

Choose every detail from rooms to walls to windows.

<h2>Custom Homes</h2>

Build Your Home

Exactly how you want it.

Kitchen Renovations

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Enjoy your kitchen more by having proud-to-own countertops, modern lighting, matching appliances and fine details.

<h2>Kitchen Renovations</h2>

Modern Yet Warm

Find your balance in the perfect kitchen.
A blend of old and new.

<h2>Kitchen Renovations</h2>

Master Chef

Feel like a master chef with a top-of-the-line kitchen.

Bathroom Renovations

Upgrades you’ve always dreamed of. It’s amazing how comforting a room can be with the right combination of details, design and function.

<h2>Bathroom Renovations</h2>

Steamy Showers

Step into a bathroom from the 21st century.
Big mirrors, glass showers and clean lines.

<h2>Bathroom Renovations</h2>

The Day Starts Here

Get ready for your day in a bold and stylish bathroom.

Basement Renovations

Often the darkest room in a home, but with a little renovation can become it’s own living space or a resort location to transpire to.

<h2>Basement Renovations</h2>

Entertainment Central

Create a space for fun.
The basement is where it's at.

<h2>Basement Renovations</h2>

Peace and Quiet

Your basement can be where you wind down.
Fill this space with your favourite things.

Rechsteiner Construction Ltd. is a full service General Contractor and Construction Manager with over 12 years of industry experience, specializing in advancing projects from pre-construction through to substantial completion. We pride ourselves on high-quality work, attention to detail, and meticulous planning.

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